Lucy  Vallencich in Rennie

    I live in Melbourne in Australia. 

    When we left Egypt in 1965 we went to live in New Zealand and at a later stage left for Australia (1980's). 

    My grandfather in Egypt had an import business and imported furniture - I recall my father and his sisters telling me that he furnitured the Palace in Abdin. 


Paolo Vallencich

    Of course he lost all during two world wars when he was interned. 

    I know little else of my family history. My grandfather had a sister married in Italy, and her married name was Cafieri. I believe they lived in Naples and she had at least one daughter who I have never met. I only have one Aunt now alive in Sydney, Rita Osborne (nee Vallencich) and three cousins. 

Maria Cafiero Meta - Villa Cafiero
19 marzo 1938 25 luglio 1937

    I studied Italian literature and the language at Auckland University.

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